Bariplasic University Degree

For the past ten years, the number of Bariatric Surgery procedures has increased significantly (Bypass, Sleeve Gastrectomy, ...). Their effectiveness is spectacular in terms of weight loss, but it also results in dramatic excess of loose skin with functional, psychological and aesthetic consequences for the patient.
Reconstructive surgery can achieve body restoration after massive weight loss. Bariplastic Surgery is a very specific specialty with very few plastic surgeons who have the necessary experience to give patients the best results. 

The Bariplastic University Degree is a unique course dedicated to teaching plastic surgeons state of the art surgical skills in reconstructive surgery post massive weight loss.

All surgical procedures are reviewed with lectures, videos, and live surgery in the OR.

You will also learn how to master all the pre-operative markings for post-massive weight loss plastic surgery.

At the end of the course, upon passing the final exam, you will receive a Diploma from the University of Paris.